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Q: What author wrote about frontier life?
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Laura who wrote books about life on the American frontier?

Laura Ingalls Wilder, born February 7, 1867, was the author of "Little House in the Big Woods" and "Little House on the Prairie" and several other books describing her and her family's life on the US frontier during the 1870's and 1880's. She died in 1957.

Who was James Fenimore Cooper?

James Fenimore Cooper was an author who wrote books about the American frontier and the early pioneers.

Which nineteenth century author wrote novels that explored themes of the frontier wilderness versus civilization?

James Fenimore Cooper

What are the examples of literature that is based on the lives of the authors?

Literature about the life of an author is biography if someone else wrote it and autobiography if the author wrote about his own life.

What is the theme of the little house on the prairie?

The theme is frontier-life in 19th century U.S., based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's life-stories that she wrote.

What has the author James Edward Davis written?

James Edward Davis has written: 'Frontier Illinois' -- subject(s): History, Frontier and pioneer life

What has the author George Andrew Waggoner written?

George Andrew Waggoner has written: 'Stories of old Oregon' -- subject(s): Frontier and pioneer life in fiction, Frontier and pioneer life, Fiction

What do you think the author tend to portray about life when she wrote Diary of a wimpy kid?

I think the author tends to portray that life is a journey when she wrote Diary of a Wimpy.(0

Author Wolff wrote This Boy's Life?

i think he did

What has the author Urling C Coe written?

Urling C. Coe has written: 'Frontier doctor' -- subject(s): Physicians, Biography, Frontier and pioneer life

What has the author Ann W Hafen written?

Ann W. Hafen has written: 'Campfire frontier' -- subject(s): Frontier and pioneer life, Literary collections

What has the author Mary Ronan written?

Mary Ronan has written: 'Frontier woman' -- subject(s): Frontier and pioneer life, History, Indians of North America