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Army, 82nd Infantry Division.

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Q: What branch was Sergeant York in the military?
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What branch of military has a sergeant first class?

The US Army has a sergeant 1st class, it is the pay grade of E7, ranked above a Staff Sergeant and below a Master Sergeant.

How much sergeant get paid?

Depends on the military and the branch. We need more information for this question please.

The theme of the movie sergeant york?

Love your neighbor, work hard, and fulfill your responsibilities are the themes of the movie Sergeant York. He did his best serving in the military and his neighbors helped him when he came back from war.

How much money does a drill sergeant make?

It depends on what branch of service and the rank of the individual. If you are military look it up at mypay.

What military branch is duke and ripcord in the movie GI Joe?

Duke - Major, US Army Ripcord - Master Sergeant, US Army

Who is a famed sergeant?

Sergeant York.

What is the duration of Sergeant York?

The duration of Sergeant York is 2.23 hours.

When was Sergeant York created?

Sergeant York was created on 1941-07-02.

Is sergeant a noun?

Yes, sergeant is a noun because it is a person (noun=person, place, thing, idea). The word sergeant is a common noun, unless it names a specific person or title, such as Sergeant York or Sergeant at Arms.

Who played sergeant york in the movie of him?

Sergeant Alvin York was played by Gary Cooper.

How do you spell sargeant?

It is spelled sergeant (a non-commissioned military rank, or senior policeman).

Who was the American hero who killed 25 Germans and helped captured 132?

Sergeant Alvin York Sergeant Alvin York