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US Civil War

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What sparked the beginning of the Civil War

When Abraham Lincoln was elected president what was the result for the southern states

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Q: What caused America to industrialize after the civil war?
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What positive did the south take to industrialize after the civil war?

god is good and he is worthy to be praised.

How did slavery change history?

it caused the civil war it caused the civil war

What effects did the Civil War have on the north after the war?

After the Civil War the North began to industrialize more in response to the increased need of goods durring the war. This increased jobs and prosperity in the North.

What positive steps did the south take to industrialize after the civil war?

god is good and he is worthy to be praised.

Was the Civil War caused by prejudice?

No. The Civil War was caused by economics and the invasion of the south by the north.

When was America's Civil War created?

America's Civil War was created in 1988.

What state caused the Civil War?

The causes of the civil war were complex. Not just one state caused it

What happened in 1619 that caused the civil war?

The first slaves were brought to America. They were more indentured servants though.

What were the 4 S's that caused the Civil War?

there are none in "civil war". My god

What two issues caused the Civil War?

It depends which civil war you are referring to.

How did Civil War change America?

The civil war caused us to settle the dispute of slavery. It also united us as a nation. After the civil war, we were brought together as one whole. It is like with friends. You have a friend and you get into a fight with them. It makes you closer.

What issues or events lead to the start of the civil war?

Slavery caused the civil war

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