What cigs were used in wars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Lucky Strike was popular during WW2. Pall Mall, Viceroy, Marlboro, Cools, Salem, and Camel were issued by the carton in SUNDRIES PACKS (SP Packs) free once a week to GI's in the field during the Vietnam War. GI's in the base camps had access to PX's. During the Vietnam War, each "C" Ration Meal, one box, contained an "accessary pack." The accessary package was a brown vaccum sealed water proofed aluminum foil type envelope which contained: two pieces of chiclets gum; one toothpick for brushing your teeth; a small packet of salt, pepper, cream, coffee, sugar; a plastic spoon (the toughest plastic spoon you ever saw-virtually indestructable); a very small roll of toilet paper about the size of your thumb; and a minature pack of commercially packaged cigarettes containing about 4 to 5 smokes; usually Pall Malls, Salem or Marlboro. Packs of cigarettes were usually carried in the M-1 steel helmets elastic band, which kept the camoflage helmet cover in place. The cigarettes were safer kept up there, free from getting wet when wading through rivers and swamps, and wouldn't get crushed when a GI "hit the ground" when a fire fight started. "C" rations were CANNED foods. Twelve meals came to a case of "C" rations. 21st Century military personnel are not issued cigarettes, and consume MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat), which are freeze dried type foods and do not come in cans.

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Q: What cigs were used in wars?
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