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Q: What city did Lee abandon after Battle of Five Forks?
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Is forks a city or state?

forks is a city in Washington,also Bella from Twighlight moves there.

Is Grand Forks a city?

Yes, Grand Forks is a city in the US state of North Dakota.

When was Grand Forks City Hall created?

Grand Forks City Hall was created in 1911.

Where is the city Forks located?

Forks is located in Washington, USA.

What states is Grand Forks located in?

The city of Grand Forks is located in North Dakota. The city of East Grand Forks is located in Minnesota.Grand Forks County is located in North Dakota.

Where is three forks Montana?

Three Forks is a city in Gallatin County, Montana.

What city was abandon after 909?

they were the Maya that abadoned the city

What is the main city in twilight?

Forks .

Is there a city named Forks in Seattle?

No, but there is a Forks, Washington that is 140.82 miles west of Seattle,

What is the name of Edward Cullen's high school?

The name of the High School he goes to repetedly is Forks High School. Forks is names after the city it is in Forks. Forks and Pheniox are REAL cities.

Who won th fall of Richmond and petersburg?

The Union victory at the Battle of Five Forks, fought on March 19,1865 allowed the Union Army of the Potomac to outflank and break through the Confederate defensive system of Petersburg. That led to the seize of that city on April 2nd and to the fall of Richmond on April 3rd.

How do you abandon a city in Evony?

Click on the Town Hall. Click on Cites ad choose what you want to abandon. To abandon a valley you click on Valleys instead of cities.