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Atlanta, Georgia

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Q: What city was mostly destroyed by General Sherman as part of the Union stragey of total war?
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How many buildings were destroyed in WW2?

Millions of buildings were destroyed during World War 2. Most of these were resulted of being knock down by Air Assults or tanks firing or mis firing at buildings e.g. Stalingrads buildings were mostly destroyed during the course of world war 2.

Did Sherman burn Charlotte?

No. Sherman's march did not take him through Charlotte. He passed to the east, by way of Fayetteville and Goldsboro to Raleigh. Sherman's troops burned everything in sight in South Carolina, punishing that state for being the "cradle of secession". As soon as they crossed the state line into North Carolina they stopped this arson, to present a deliberate contrast, and mostly confined themselves to destroying military items and industries which were part of the southern war effort.

What caused the American Civil War to end?

The Confederate armies, running out of food and supplies, eventually surrendered to the larger, better-equipped Union armies. This occurred rather quickly after Union forces under General William T. Sherman cut a swath through the South on his March to the Sea (November-December 1864). On April 3, 1865, the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia was captured and on April 9, 1865, Confederate commanding general Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House. The remaining Southern armies mostly stopping fighting within the next few weeks.

What is the summary of Sherman's march to the sea?

Seeing that the rich Georgia farmland had enjoyed a good harvest, Sherman decided that he could forget his vulnerable supply-line and live off the land, while conducting a punitive raid on this treasonous state, attacking the infrastructure that supported the Confederate armies in the field. It was a 6-week march from Atlanta, southeast to Savannah, cutting a wide swathe through the state. The emphasis was on the burning of farms, the slaughtering of livestock and the ruining of crops. Violence against civilians was strictly forbidden, and when this did occur, it was mostly not by Sherman's troops, but by the unruly mounted drifters ("Bummers") who rode alongside the army, just for the fun (and the food). When they reached Savannah, they expected a battle, and probable destruction of that beautful city, but the small Confederate army escaped across the river to South Carolina, where Sherman presently pursued them. Regaining contact with Washington on December 24th (after the wires had been cut for weeks), Sherman humorously offered Lincoln the city of Savannah as a Christmas present. It is ironical that Sherman's march earned him such a name for brutality, when the casualties were so few, and his new strategy undoubtedly shortened the war by months.

Which British cities were bombed in World War 2?

Mostly London but there were other smaller targets, cicilian and military, mostly civilian close to Liverpool, portchester, and Manchester, but mostly London.

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Who carried out the Union plan to destroy southern railroads?

Mostly Sherman. He destroyed many non-militay targets during his march to the sea through Georgia. Hope this helps! ;)

What did sherman's troops do while foraging liberally?

They destroyed what crops and livestock they didn't need, in order to starve the Confederate armies. Accusations of violence by Sherman's men against civilians were mainly unfounded. Such violence was committed mostly by the reckless civilian 'bummers' (including some deserters from both armies) who rode along with Sherman's troops just for the fun of joining in the vandalism - and taking it to levels not sanctioned by Sherman. Still, it is Sherman's name that has remained blackened by a few very dark deeds committed by men who were not under his command.

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Ben Sherman is what type of business?

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How human activities have changed the environment?

We have mostly destroyed it.

How where the buildings in Pompeii destroyed?

mostly by pyroclastic flows.

How were the hanging gardens of Babylon destroyed?

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were destroyed mostly due to lack of matinence.After 1ST Century B.C They were struck by an earthquake and destroyed!

How did the union wage total war on the south?

General Sherman was assigned this task by General Grant. This Total War started against mostly helpless farmers in the Shenandoah Valley. There were very few Confederate Troops there but it was a Highway for the Confederate Armies to move. In the late summer of 1864, Sherman and his Army burned about 2000 Civilian homes, 7000 livestock and killed everything in sight. This crippled the Confederates abilities to receive and produce supplies. From the Shenandoah Valley Sherman moved South destroying anything in his path all the way to Atlanta and Savannah Georgia. When his army finally turned back north, it destroyed everything again up until reached N.C. These tactics broke the hearts and minds of the Confederate Civilians and Soldiers.

How are distances computed in general?

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What were the cites in the Normandy invasion?

The cities of Caen and Bayeux were mostly destroyed in June 1944.

Who was the commanding Union general during the Battle for Atlanta and its fiery aftermath?

W.T. Sherman. Actualy its aftermath was not very fiery. The March to the Sea caused very few casualties, because there were no significant Confederate forces in Georgia. It caused great misery to local farmers, and there was also some wanton brutality, though mostly not from Sherman's own men. The worst atrocities were by mounted hooligans (Bummers) who simply went along for the ride. Savannah could have been a serious battle, but the small Confederate force under General Hardee escaped across the river into South Carolina, where Sherman soon followed them.

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