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Confederates= gray Union= blue

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butternut gray

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Q: What colors were the confederate soilders outfits during the civil war?
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What is the name of northern soilders during the civil war?

I assume you mean nickname? Union= Billy Yank Confederate= Johnny Reb

Why didn't they know the exact number of how many confederate soilders died during the battle of Gettysburg?

Confederates did not keep accurate records.

How many soilders died during the civil war?

About 365,000 Union soldiers and 260,000 Confederate soldiers died during the Civil War. This includes all causes of death, not just combat.

Were soilders drafted of volunteered during world war ii?

soilders votenterd

How many America soilders were killed during the Vietnam war?


What begun during the Civil War as a way to obtain soilders?


What do people wear during running?

Jogging Outfits

Where did soilders sleep during the civil war?

They would sleep in these camping tents

What colors were confederate uniforms during the Civil War?

Grey. At the war's first battle (Bull Run/Manassas), one Confederate unit was wearing blue, and managed to capture a couiple of Union batteries, because the gunners thought they were friend not foe.

What colors were the union soldiers outfits during the civil war?

Most of the standard Federal uniforms were blue, but there were units that wore gray, green, black and even multicolored uniforms with balloon pants and red hats!

How many british soilders were killed during the Boston massacer?

17 and 5 wounded

What killed most soilders during the civil war?

Disease, especially in the prison-camps.