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Well, I know that Peter Van Pels, Otto Frank, and Edith Frank were all sent to Auschwitz. Anne Frank and Margot started off a Auschwitz too, but then they were shipped off to Bergen-Belsen. Mrs. and Mr. Van Pels I am not too sure about that much, But I think they went to Auschwitz.

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Q: What concentration camp was everyone sent to in the secret annex?
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Where were all of the members of the secret Annex taken?

concentration camp.

Which concentration camp did the members of the Secret Annex die?

all of them expect for mr frank

When did the Nazis discover the Secret Annex?

They discovered the secret annex in 1944 and Anne was sent to a concentration camp and died in 1946 1 week before it was liberated.

Did the frank family enjoy living in the secret annex?

No, they were hiding to avoid being sent to a concentration camp.

Why does anne feel lucky to be a prisoner in the secret annex?

Anne feels lucky because she's not in a concentration camp

Was anne frank in the secret annex the whole time during the war?

Well, she is there for two years. She gets discovered. She goes to a concentration camp, then dies.

What the camp called where the frank family stayed in?

All the people living in the secret annex where sent to different concentration camps. Margo and Anne and their mother were in the same camp until over crowding came a problem and the mother was sent to a different camp. Otto Frank was the only one to survive the concentration camps out of all the people living in the annex.

When did the franks move in to the secret annex?

If they didn't, Hitler would tack them down and separate them from each other and put them each in a concentration camp. They would die.

What happen to each member of the secret annex after it is discovered?

After the secret annex was discovered, the members were arrested by the Gestapo and sent to concentration camps. Anne Frank died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945, just weeks before it was liberated. Otto Frank, Anne's father and the only survivor from the annex, returned to Amsterdam after the Holocaust.

What happens to the inhabitants of the Secret Annex in August 1944?

In August 1944, the inhabitants of the Secret Annex in Amsterdam, including Anne Frank and her family, were discovered and arrested by the Nazis. They were taken to concentration camps, where most of them eventually perished. Anne Frank died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in early 1945.

What are some great things that Anne Frank did?

she of coarse wrote in her diary throughout the Holocaust while in hiding. She hid in the secret annex with two other families. The Franks hid in the annex for around 2 years before being found by Nazis and taken to concentration camps where everyone in the annex besides Anne's father died. Anne sadly died two months before the camp was liberated

What was the only occupant of the annex to survive the concentration camp?

Otto Frank, Anne's father