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Confederate artillery firing on the Union garrison on the island of Fort Sumter in Charleston harbour.

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Ft Sumner

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Q: What confederate army's attack signaled the start of the civil war?
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What armys were there in the civil war?

Confederate and Union

What role did Thomas Jackson played in the civil war?

he was the confederate armys general:)

What role did Thomas S Jackson play in the civil war?

he was the confederate armys general:)

What where the two armys that were in the civil war?

The Union were the northern states and the Confederate States Army were the south.

Why did firing on Fort Sumter spark the beginning of the Civil War?

It was an American attack on a confederate military base.

What was the event that sparked the civil war?

The Confederate attack on Ft Sumter

In 1861 where was the first attack of the Civil War?

The first attack of the Civil War was on April 12-13 at Fort Sumter in Charleston County South Carolina. Result: Confederate victory.

Who attacks the soldiers in the Civil War?

If it was the Confederate soldiers, the Union would attack the Confederates. If it was the Union soldiers, then the Confederates would attack the Union.

What year did the Civil War start with the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter?

The Confederates attacked Fort Sumter in 1861, starting the Civil War.

What was general sherman's strategy for the civil war and how did it work?

To attack the civilian infrastructure that supported the Confederate armies.

What was the failed confederate attack during the civil war led by General George Pickett?

Pickett's Charge

Did the submarine created by the Confederate Navy during the US Civil War survive its attack on the US Navy?

The Hunley sank with all hands after its attack.