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The Holocaust took place in Europe.

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Q: What continent did the holocaust occur?
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Did other genocides occur after the holocaust?

Yes, there have been multiple genocides after the Holocaust.

Did the Nanking Massacre occur before or after the Holocaust?

It occurred in 1937, which means it took place before the Holocaust.

Why did people le the holocaust occur?

because it did not affect them.

On what continent did Marco polo occur?


Can tornadoes occur in Africa?

Yes, tornadoes occur on every continent except Antarctica.

In which countries or regions did the Holocaust primarily occur?

The biggest extermination camps were in Poland.

Where the Armenian Holocaust occur?

In Eastern Anatolia, in Syria and in the major cities of the Ottoman Empire.

What is the role the Americans played in the holocaust?

They are classified as 'bystanders', they were neither the victims nor the perpetrators (they were also on a different continent).

Is the us to blame for the increase in deaths during the Holocaust?

No. The United States holds absolutely no responsibility for what happened in the Holocaust. It happened in a different continent, perpetrated by a country far more advanced militarily .

On what continent did Christopher Columbus's exploration occur?

north America

What continent did the french revolution occur?

Europe. France is in Europe.

Where does the Holocaust occur?

right now it occurs in the survivors and to some degree in the surviving perpetrators. This of course depends uopn your definition of the Holocaust, if you believe that it stopped with the surrender of Nazi Germany and that anyone who died the next day did not die because of the Holocaust, then you would say that it does not occur anymore, but if you believe that it is still occuring until the last survivor dies, then it is occuring where they are.