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Germany , French , Belgium , Finland

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Q: What countries are involved in western powers?
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What do the central powers and neutral countries do?

Central Powers= They are the countries that are fighting in the war. Neutral powers= They are not involved in the fighting

Who was involved on VE day?

all the allied powers and countries

What were the slaving countries?

The countries that were involved in the slave trade were: Europe and western Africa :D Europe and "West" Africa are Continents.

What countries were in World War one?

The countries involved with World War I are as follows: Allied Powers: France, England, Russia, and United States Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire

Who was involved in the world war1?

There are a number of powers who were involved in the World War 1. Russia, Germany and France were the main countries in the war among others.

Why was it called World War 1 if not all countries were involved?

World War I was also called 'The Great War'. It was given that name because it involved all of the world's great powers or most influential and important countries.

What are the acts of aggression of Germany and what are the response of western powers?

The Western powers didnt do anything.

What are the countries involved in the allied powers in ww1?

US (IN LATER YEARS) Great Britain, France, Russia, China, and many other minor countries that didnt affect it much =)

What countries were associated with the axis powers in ww2?

Several smaller European countries joined with the Axis at various times, but while not tehnically involved Spain had strong ties with the Fascists.

What countries in japan were involved with World War 2?

Umm there are no countries in Japan because japan is a country. But japan was a part of the axis powers which included Italy Germany and japan.

Why did Britain get involved in the Korean war?

Like the U.S. and the other western countries, Britain wanted to stop the spread of communism.

Why did the communists want the western powers to leave Berlin?

The communists did want the western powers to leave Berlin because they were against their ideologies. They viewed the western powers as a hindrance to the implementation of their communists ideas.