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USSR (think Russia)


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Q: What countries invaded Afghanistan in the last thirty years?
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Did the US invaded Afghanistan in 1979?

No. The Soviet Union, or USSR, invaded Afghanistan in 1979. The US covertly supported the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan who were fighting against the Soviets. After ten years of fighting the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan.

Why did Josef Stalin Invade Afghanistan?

Stalin never invaded Afghanistan. But the USSR did under the leadership of Lenoid Brezhev 30 years after Stalin's death.

Why have so many countries been interested in conquering Afghanistan?

Because it has been more than 30 years that the people of Afghanistan are living in bad situation, in this case these countries are in Afghanistan for destroying the terrorism

How many countries has America invaded in the last 100 years?

70 in the last 15 years

What were the countries that were included in the Thirty Years War?

Denmark, Sweden, France, and Spain.

What years did the Taliban rule in Afghanistan?


What were the countries that were involved in the Thirty Years' War?

I never knew there was a 30 year war?!

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What were the years countries were invaded in World War 2?

there were a lot of countries invaded during WW2. there was Yugoslavia, Poland, the Soviet Union, china, indochina, estonia, latvia, lithuania, norway, denmark, japan, germany, and probably a lot more.

How did the commercial revolution contribute to the start of the thirty years war?

It enabled countries to afford large armies. Apex

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