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The war of 1812 in North America was fought between the United States and the British Empire. Actually Great Britain's forces played only a minor roll in the conflict as most of their military effort at that time was in Europe fighting against Napoleon. The British forces arrayed against the United States were mostly local colonial forces in Canada and the Caribbean supported by small British army and navy garrison units.

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Great Britain

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Q: What countries were fighting in the war of 1812?
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Who ended up with most land gains after the war of 1812?

there were no land gains between the two countries who were fighting.

What did Sam Houston do when he was about 21?

He was fighting in the War of 1812

Who were the Americans fighting against in the War of 1812?

The British

Was the war of 1812 worth fighting?

The war of 1812 was worth fighting for because America was already independent.

Who was president when James Madison was fighting in war?

Madison did not do any fighting in any war. He was the President during the War of 1812.

Where the fighting took place during the war of 1812?

In Europe

Was the war 1812 the same as revoluationary war?

No. In the Revolutionary War we were fighting for our freedom. In the War of 1812 we were fighting because of British aggression towards US shipping and also because they provoked the Native Americans to attack our settlements in the west.

How did Great Britain get affected during the war of 1812?

For Britian, the War of 1812 was a minor matter, as they were much more concerned with fighting Napoleon at that time; and the vast majority of their forces were commited to the fighting in Europe.

What European countries were at war in 1812?

Britan and France

Why did the french and the british was at war for in 1812?

The French was at war with Britain Because they were fighting for Ohio for its land and rivers.

What countries were in the war of 1812?

Great Britain and the United States.

What are two countries that fought in the war of 1812?

The British and the Americans