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The Australian SASR special forces. It is almost impossible to pass the 21 day selection course and if you do there is a further 18 months of training before you become a SAS Trooper. The SAS soldiers train many other special force units including the US Navy Seals. The mission success rate of The Australian SASR is 100%.

Turkish Special Forces.also known as maroon berets.

here in my county (Germany), the annual competitions between the special forces including greece Austria belgium holland germany and france,Turkey won it. Nato doesnt do it anymore after turkish special forces 3 years consecutively winning the competition with the highest score.

The World Key Lock Record: 7 seconds

and i reserched and talked with many journilist friends to make sure about them and what i heard is their goverment doesnt let even have a website. i heard from my older brother who is one of german special forces n joined the paracros 2005 special forces competition.

- The Trust Shot is part of their exercised on the last month of the training and is to ensure that soldiers can trust eachother with their lives in every situation in consist of two members fires of squad standing next to the paper targer boards while another special force fires on targets with a handgun while walking towards them from 15 metres(49feet) away. the interesting thing is during the exercise the soldiers standing next to the targets are not allowed to move or wear Body Armor.(only turkish special forces exercise the trust shot in the world)

There are three categories of education and training that a MaroonBeret will undergo. These are

a) Domestic

b) International

c) Specialty

Within these three categories, there are 47 different subjects.

Domestic training takes 72 weeks of basic training;

International training takes 10 to 52 weeks of specialized training in different countries. It takes 3.5 years to become a MaroonBeret.

what an interesting story again i heard from my brother

who went to ankari in 2004 (Turkey Capital City), only their military zone has no security and safe looks like perfect easily accessible military zone where nobody can still enter.

don't be fooled by the american movies. if you cant get any information instead of getting all you need while surfing on internet about special forces such as u.s british etc.. , doesnt it make the first one more special at least? funny truth..

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Q: What country has the best Special Operations Forces?
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Who has the best SAS in the world?

There are three SAS forces on the planet (Note SAS is different from Special Forces). The British, Australian and New Zealand SAS's. The British SAS is thought to be widely the best special forces in the world, although the Australian SAS has beaten the British on numerous training exercises. And the NZ's is not that incredible, just a small country's ordinary special forces unit.

Is the SAS the best special force?

No, not in any way. It, like the US Army Special Forces, Delta Force, as well as the American CIA's Special Operations Group and Canada's JTF2 are all very well-trained and well-rounded groups. There is no such thing as one "best" group. The US Navy SEALs, which many legitimate military experts will agree has one of the roughest physical training of any spec ops group in the world, are not, on average, nearly as crafty as the previously mentioned groups. On that note, though, many members of the SAS, US Army Special Forces, and others. would be more than capable of being a SEAL, for example. Today, the most successful teams are made up of multiple spec ops units, and are known as task forces. The one group experts have often declared to be the best is the CIA's NCS's SAD's SOG (Special Operations Group). It is made up entirely of ex-military men. Most have special operations experience, but some have combat experience only. All have performed excellently throughout their military careers, and many have advanced college degrees.

Where does the Australian sas rank in special forces around the world?

It is the best after the british sas. Although this has never been proven.

Which country has the world's most powerful special forces?

The US Navy SEAL's are currently #1. They are though in competition with the british SAS. The reasons being is that A - The SEAL's are trained for many years, B- The SEAL's have taken down more targets than any special force in history, and C- The SEAL's operate everywhere, whether in 130 degree weather or -40 degree weather. They undergo the strictest tests in the world, are trained with every weapon and vehicle up to date, and they are trained mentally into not being afraid to die a horrible slow death.

What is the country with the best land army?


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Does South Korea have any special operations forces?

Yes they do. They have the best gear and their kill to death ratio is 25:1 and their Army specials forces have a ratio of 17:1

Are green berets the best special forces unit?

They are the only official US Army Special Forces unit; they are called SF men for short. Any other such men or units are also categorized as "special operations units" but that is simply a catch all phrase to avoid using a lot of confusing terms. "Special forces" is used generically in other countries, but in the US, it specifically means only the Green Berets.Now, the best Green Berets are asked to try out for Delta Force, with only the top 0.1% making it in. Delta is a "special operations" unit, not "Special Forces," but they are more elite.

Is Gurkha rifle best special forces in the world?

The Gurkha Rifles are not Special Forces. They are an elite infantry unit and are certainly among the best soldiers in the world, but were never classed a Special Forces

Who has the best SAS in the world?

There are three SAS forces on the planet (Note SAS is different from Special Forces). The British, Australian and New Zealand SAS's. The British SAS is thought to be widely the best special forces in the world, although the Australian SAS has beaten the British on numerous training exercises. And the NZ's is not that incredible, just a small country's ordinary special forces unit.

How good are the Irish special forces?

the Irish special forces are not the best in the world but usually come 3rd or 4th

Do special activities division work in a group and are they the best and complete special force in the world?

They work both in groups and solo operations. They could be the best special forces organization in the world as they are selected from the best of the best special forces from Army Rangers, Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marine Corps Force Recon, Air Force Pararescue, etc. etc. Ontop of being the best special operators, having the most experience, and most highly trained, they still undergo even futher advanced training in special weapons and tactics, much of which are top secret.

How do you the tasks of green beret differ from that of SFOD-D?

SFOD-D is Delta Force which is primarily a counter terrorism unit specializing in hostage rescue tactics. Special Forces Groups specialize in foreign internal defense, counter insurgency operations and special reconnaissance. Special Forces personnel endure over a year of training (2years for 18D Medical Sergeants) and are then placed in a Special Forces Group. Each Group is assigned a separate regional area of the world and each member speaks the local language of that area and masters the local customs to assimilate into the local culture. Where Delta usually kicks in doors and conducts quick raid style operations, Special Forces are primarily teachers and instruct local militia forces and turn them into formidible fighting forces, in-turn creating a large force of indigenous personnel to conduct missions. Using these local fighters to wage war reduces the need of risking American lives to resolve foreign problems and allows the locals most affected by the struggle to directly make a difference in their own country. Don't be misunderstood, Special forces personnel can still kick doors with the best of them but they are specifically designed to infiltrate deep within foreign nations to gather intelligence, train local forces and conduct military operations long before conventional troops are deployed. Another difference is that Delta usually conducts quick in and out missions whereas Special Forces can spend anywhere between 6 months to years in another country conducting operations. Special Forces personnel are highly flexible and therefore an invaluable asset to strategic military planners and theatre commanders.

Where best is country on corneal operations?

It appears that country that is doing the best corneal transplant operations is The Netherlands. Since 2004, in Rotterdam, they have been using lasers to do the operations which leads to more precise cuts and faster healing times.

What is the best version of empire total war?

the special forces version!

Has England got the best fighting force in the world the SAS?

The United States special forces trained along side with the SAS in it's early years. Remember that this country is much younger than England these forces had more centuries of training but I never go along with reaching a side in what force is superiour. The best trained forces have it's up and downs no matter what country it's from.

Who is better the navy seals or the army?

Which part of the army? The SEALS are better than regular soldiers, they are a Special Operations force. The army also has its own Special Operations forces, so if it was SEALS vs INFANTRY the seals would take it, but in SEALS vs SF it could go either way.

Who is better the marines the rangers or the navy seals?

Marines are regular forces but have their own specialist special operations branches such as force recon. Rangers are elite light infantry who are trained to support tier one sf on operations. Seals are a special operations force who are as good or better than the rangers on land but are also trained in military diving and free fall parachuting. These skills set them apart, they also have the most difficult training of the 3 units. So the SEALs are 'the best'.