What country is Antwerp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Antwerp is in the country of Belgium.

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Q: What country is Antwerp?
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What country hosted the Antwerp Olympics?

Antwerp is in Belgium.

What continent is Antwerp in?

Antwerp is in the country called Belgium.Belgium is in Europe.

In which country is Antwerp?

Antwerp is a major port city in Belgium.

What country hosted the Olympic Games in 1920?

Antwerp (city) Belgium (country)

Which of these is the name of a country El Salvador or Antwerp?

el salvador

What was the country that hosted the Olympic Games in 1920?

Antwerp, Belgium

Is Antwerp in Europe?

Yes, it is a city in Belgium which is a country in Europe.

What country is Antwerp in?

It's the second largest city in Belgium.

What Belgium city hosted the country's last Summer Olympics?

Antwerp in 1920.

How many Antwerp's inthe world?

There are five: Antwerp, Belgium; Antwerp, Ohio, USA; Antwerp, Michigan, USA; Antwerp, New York, USA; and Antwerp, Victoria, Australia.

Where is the Antwerp Branch in Antwerp located?

The address of the Antwerp Branch is: 205 New Madison St, Antwerp, 45813 9802

What was Antwerp?

Antwerp is the main port of Belgium.