What country is de?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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.de is the country code top-level domain for the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Q: What country is de?
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How do you say from country of ' in spanish?

De un país de= from a country ofDel país de = from the country of

What country has the initials DE?

What country in Eurpoe has the initials DE

How do you say 'from country of Mexico' in spanish?

de un país de México= from a country of Mexico del pais de Mexico = from the country of Mexico

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Rio De Janeiro is in a country in Brazil.

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What was Juan Ponce De Leon's country of origin?

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What is the internet country code for Germany?

"de" is the country code. For instance: </ A> </ FONT>

Which country was Jose de escardon?

which country was jose the escardon from

DE is the abbreviation for which country?

DE is the abbreviation for Germany, which in German is called "Deutschland". So the abbreviation "DE" comes from the first two letters of the German name for their country.

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Alonso de Leon was from Mexico.

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