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Tsar Nicholas II was born in Russia, but he was not really Russian. His mother was of Danish and German extraction and his father was the same (they were first cousins.) Nicholas II was not even really a Romanov.

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Q: What country was Tsar Nicholas 2nd from?
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Which country was tsar Nicholas the head of in 1914?

Tsar Nicholas II was the absolute ruler of Russia from 1894-1917

Why was Tsar Nicholas 2nd canonized?

He is not a saint in the Catholic Church.

What country was tsar nicholas 2 the leader of?


What is Tsar Nicholas's birthday?

Tsar Nicholas was born May 6, 1868.

What are somes names of famous Russian couples in history?

Tsar Nicholas 2nd and his wife Alexandra

What is Tsar Nicholas I of Russia's birthday?

Tsar Nicholas I of Russia was born on July 6, 1796.

How tall is Tsar Nicholas II?

About 5'6" tall.

Who was Tsar Nicholas 1?

nicholas tsar was in volved in the 1800's with the Russians and czar nicholas was able to slove the problem that he had cause d

Who was leader of Russia before Tsar Nicholas II?

Tsar Alexander III, Nicholas's father, was the leader of Russia before Nicholas II.

Who was the Russian tsar in 1905?

Tsar Nicholas Romanov II

Who was the last cazar?

The last Tsar was Tsar Nicholas II ;)

Who was tsar Nicholas' son?

which Tsar Nicholas are you talking About. Tsar Nicholas I sons were Tsar Alexander II,Grand Duke Constantine Nikolaevich, Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich,Grand Duke Michael Nicolaievich of Russia. Tsar Nicholas II only son was Alexei (sometimes called Alexis). He has a deadly Disease that could kill him at anytime he bumped or bruised himself.