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to immediately put to death all aged people..

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Q: What cruel proclamation did the daimio make?
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What cruel proclamation did the daimio make about aged mother with answer?

The daimyo ordered that all elderly parents be abandoned on a mountaintop to die, as they were considered a burden to society. However, the aged mother showed her love for her son by refusing to burden him and chose to take her own life to save him from dishonor. This act of sacrifice touched the daimyo's heart, and he rescinded the cruel proclamation.

Why did daimio abolish his cruel law?

that very hour the cruel law was ibolished, and custom drifted into as far a past that only the the legend remains.

What is the conflict of ages mother?

a cruel proclamation

What is the conflict of The Aged Mother?

a cruel proclamation

What does cruel proclamation means and its example?

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When was Ben Daimio created?

Ben Daimio was created in 2004.

When was Daimio tethys created?

Daimio tethys was created in 1857.

What does cruel proclamation means?

it means it proclaim the person who has the power.

What is the role of daimio in the story the aged mother?

In the story "The Aged Mother," the daimio is a feudal lord who issues a cruel decree to abandon elderly people. He plays the role of the antagonist, representing the oppressive rule and lack of compassion in society. His decree sets the stage for the main conflict in the story.

What was the first proclamation of the daimio to the story of the aged mother?

The first proclamation was that all old people had to be taken to the mountain and left to die to avoid burdening the village during times of famine. The mother and her son were faced with this decision, leading to their journey to the mountain together.

In the Story of the Aged Mother how did people respond to the cruel proclamation that was given to the people of Shinano?

The people of Shinano responded to the cruel proclamation by preparing to abandon their elderly parents on the mountain to die. However, one son chose to defy the proclamation and took his mother with him, eventually saving her life.

What is the cruel proclamation in aged mother?

In the story "The Aged Mother," the cruel proclamation is the decree that all elderly people are to be left to die because they were considered a burden on society. This proclamation leads to the crisis in the story as the protagonist's son is faced with the difficult decision of whether to obey the decree or defy it to save his mother.