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On 4 August 1914 Britain declared war on behalf of the whole British Empire.

It was actually on 5 August. The Germans entered Belgium on 4 August. Belgiums neutrality was guaranteed by a treaty signed by France, Britain and Germany and although Germany didn't believe that Britain and France wouldn't mind if Belgium was attacked ... they did! Great Britain declared war on 5 Aug on behalf of the entire British Empire.

On August 5, 1914, the Governor General of Canada, after being Directed by The Parliament of Canada Declared a war between Canada and Germany.

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Canada was a colony of Great Britain, who was a part of the Triple-Entente.

When the First World War started, Austria-Hungary wanted to punish Serbia for one of it's people in a terrorist group called the Black Hand for assassinating their heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Fernidad, and his wife, Sophia, while they were on a visit to Serbia. Since Serbia was allied with Russia, Russia began to mobilize it's army to protect it. Germany saw this as a threat, and then declared war on Russia. As part of the Triple-Entente, Britain and France declared war on Germany, and by extension, Canada did too.

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Q: What date did Canada enter World War 1?
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Canada entered World War II because of its position in the realm of the Queen of England. As a dominion of the British Commonwealth, Canada entered the war to stand in solidarity with the rest of the realm.

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They shouldn't of entered the war because it wasn't there war , it was britains. canada didnt gain anything they only lost.

When did Canada enter in World War 1?

Britain declared war on Germany on August 4, 1914. As a member of the British Commonwealth, Canada also entered the war at that time.

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Yes. In September of 1939. The US didn't enter until December 7, 1941.

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France was invaded on May 10, 1940 by the Nazis.

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Military records are held by the Library and Archives in Canada. Available records date back to before World War II.