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15 May 1944

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Q: What date was the World Bank started and day?
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How far back can you get bank statements?

Bank statements are available to all customers' right from the date they opened their bank accounts or from the day the accounts of that bank were computerized. For Ex: If you have a bank account open since 2001 and the bank was computerized in 1990, you can get your statement right from 2001 until the current date. If you are a customer of the bank even before 1990, the chances of you getting your account statement for the period way before 1990 are a little less. But, banks might have other forms of storage (maybe paper statements) for customers who have been with the bank right from the date the bank was started.

What was the date of the d- day landings during World War 2?

The D-Day landings started on 6 th June 1944 and carried on for almost 3 months.

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I am working in a Bank and I feel almost everyday is world insurance day and I am genuinely saying this.

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