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September 13, 1942

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Q: What day did Germany enter Stalingrad?
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Was the Germany victory of Stalingrad the last great victory of World War 2?

Germany lost the Battle of Stalingrad

After Stalingrad Germany fought this kind of war?

After Stalingrad, Germany went on the defensive. So it was a defensive type of war.

When did Germany suffer setbacks at Stalingrad and el alamein?

Germany suffered setbacks in Stalingrad and El Alamein in 1942

Where was Germany's forces turned back during World WarII?


Who started the Battle of Stalingrad?

Germany did. They invaded Russia and reach the river Volga and entered into Stalingrad.

Who did Germany surrender to in Stalingrad?

Russian forces .

When were Germany forces turned back for the first time?

At the battle of Stalingrad (1942). Germany invaded the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union defeatedGermany at Stalingrad marking the turning point of the war in Eastern Europe.

What country was the Battle of Stalingrad fought in?

the battle of Stalingrad took place in Stalingrad, Russia

Who got defeated in the Battle of Stalingrad in february 1943?

The country that was defeated in the battle of stalingrad was Nazi Germany. The leader that lead Nazi Germany was Adolf Hitler.

What day did allied forces enter Germany?

They entered Germany June 6th,1944

When did the Battle of Stalingad end?

when Germany retreated from Stalingrad

When did Germany surrender at Stalingrad?

2 February 1943