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Q: What death march did Japanese march the Americans in?
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What was Bataan breath March?

It was the Bataan Death March where the Japanese marched Americans and Filipino troops that they had captured through a jungle to a prison. Over 7,000 of the men died on the march.

Death March during Japanese period?

The Bataan Death March.

Who was marching in the bataan death march?

Allied prisoners, mostly American were marched several hundred miles by the Japanese.

What caused the death march?

The Japanese....

What is The march of death?

The 'Bataan Death March' consisted of Americans and Filipino combatants who after surrendering to the Japanese were force marched into the interior of the Philippines without water , food and medical attention . The result was that hundreds were killed by bayonet who could no longer march or died from abuse by Japanese guards and lack of water and medical assistance . Six to eleven thousand died from Japanese neglect and brutality .

Why was the Batan Death March important?

The Bataan Death March was used to arouse fury in the minds of the people of the United States. This march showed Japans brutality and militarism in a negative way and created more tension between the Japanese and the Americans. This hatred made the Americans more determined against the Japanese in the Second World War.

What march was named for the deaths of Filipino and American troops by the Japanese?

The Bataan Death March (also known as The Death March of Bataan)

Who committed the bataan death march?

Japanese soldiers forced their American prisoners to undergo the Bataan Death March.

What led the death march?

Japanese Samurai thinking already considered a soldier that surrendered in battle to effectively be dead, so how did it matter how they treated them. That was also why the Japanese generally did not surrender, they expected to be treated no better by the Americans.

Who were the prisoner of war who were forced to march in the Bataan death march?

Americans and Filipinos

What happened during the Bataan Death March to Dachau?

The Bataan death march, and the Dachau death march, were two separate events. The first was in the Philippines and was perpetrated by the Japanese, and the second was in Germany.

Who was forced to march in the bataan death march?

Filipino and American soldiers whom were prisoners of the Japanese