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he wrote the Zimmerman telegram which was sent from Germany to Mexico basically asking Mexico to me Germany's allies against the united states in ww1 but before it reached Mexico it was intercepted by Britain and showed to the united states

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Q: What did Arthur Zimmerman do during World War 1?
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What nationality is the last name zimmerman?

My last name is Zimmerman, I believe it is German. Due to my ancestry and the famous people in history with the last name, Such as Arthur Zimmerman, The German man who declared war on America during world war one.

Who sent the message that made us enter World War 1?

Arthur Zimmerman

Who was germany's foreign secretary in World War 1?

Who was the leader for the Germans in world war one???

Who wrote the zimmerman telegram?

a letter toMexico from Germany in the first world war It was a letter to Mexico from Germany during World War I by German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmerman. It stated that if the United States was to enter the war on the side of the Allies, the German ambassador to Mexico was to approach the Mexican Government offering a military alliance against the United States in exchange for German material aid to Mexico to help the Mexican government reclaim territory lost to the United States during the Mexican - American War.

What German official tried to get Mexico to go to war with the US?

Arthur Zimmerman.

Germany's foreign minister who attempted to persuade Mexico to join the war against United States?

Arthur Zimmerman

Who suggested that Mexico join the war to regain lost territory in southwest US?

Arthur Zimmerman, German ambassador to Mexico.

Germany's deal with Mexico in world War 1?

The Zimmerman Telegram. On January of 1917, the Foreign Minister of Germany, Arthur Zimmerman, sent a telegram to the German ambassador in Mexico with a proposal for military alliance. He was to offer Mexico material aid in exchange of the territories lost during the Mexican-American War, specifically the American states of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. However, it was intercepted by British intelligence and forwarded to the US government. This contributed to the US entering the war.

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Who was in-charge of the RAF during World War 2?

Arthur Harris was in charge of Bomber Command.

What country did a German official named Arthur Zimmerman try to get to ally with Germany and join if war broke out between Germany and the US?


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There was no queen. However the king during World War 2 was King George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George)