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At the risk of disappointing you, I don't think Bonhoeffer's main priority was helping Jews. He was an active opponent of the Nazi regime and paid for it with his life, but that is not the same as 'helping Jews'.

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Q: What did Bonhoeffer gave up in order to help the Jews?
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How did dietrich bonhoeffer resist the Nazi's?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer resisted the Nazis through his involvement in the Confessing Church, a Protestant movement that opposed the Nazi regime's control over German churches. He also participated in underground seminaries and led efforts to help Jews escape persecution. Ultimately, his resistance led to imprisonment and his eventual execution by the Nazis.

Who gave support to Jews after World War 2?

Everyone the allies tried to help the jews by giving them money to move to a different area if they wanted to, they gave food, drinks and shelter for the ones who practically got nothing lft to live for

What did Sweden to help the Jews?

Sweden did to help the Jews is that the Sweden risk their lives.also they let the Jews take them to another country.

How did Kristallnacht help Hitler carry out his plan to eliminate the Jews?

It gave the public the impression that there was popular support for anit-Jewish measures. Also there were no international complaints.

How did the non-Jews people try to save Jews from the horrors of Nazism?

Those non-Jewish people risked their lives by hiding Jews or by helping them escape to neutral countries such as Switzerland or Sweden.

Why Jews help Hitler in elections?

No Jews 'helped Hitler in elections'.

Could the Jews have avoided the holocaust if they would have used their money and power to help Germany after World War 1 instead of punishing them?

Yes the Germans are an understanding people and only did what they had to do in order to save themselves from the Jews.

How did usury help the European Jew make money?

The medieval trade guilds did not accept Jews as members, and the church did not allow Jews to own land. Since it was therefore difficult or impossible for Jews to farm or to practice most trades, the Jews who practiced usury did so in order to make a living and, literally, to survive.

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How does the Star of David help the Jews?

The Shield of David (or Magen David) does not help the Jews. It is just a symbol of Jewish nationality and identity.