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Cambodia was invaded by the Japanese during the war. At the end of the war, Cambodia took the opportunity the Japanese offered and became a separate country.

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Q: What did Cambodia do in World War 2?
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Which country ruled Cambodia immediately before World War 2?


Why is Cambodia important for the world?

because there was a war in cambodia that killedthousands of people.

What is name of third world war country?


What country was Indochina named before World War 2?

French Indochina consisted of parts of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

How many world heritage sites does Cambodia have?

Cambodia has 2 world heritage sites; Angkor and the Temple of Preah Vihear.

Are there any examples of the Holocaust or mass murder after World war 2 in any other countrt or region?

Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia...

Was Cambodia involved in the Vietnam War and if so what side of the war was it on?

Cambodia was neutral.

How did Cambodia get famous?

During the Vietnam War, the war spilled over to Cambodia.

What part of the world did the Vietnam war take place?

In Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

How was Cambodia's eruption into civil war develop as a result of the Vietnam War?

It didn't, Cambodia was officially neutral.

Why did Japan start the war with Cambodia?

Japan never started war with Cambodia, they just came to control Cambodia. They did invaded Thailand, but they didn't invaded Cambodia. If they invade, they might had to fight against France because Cambodia at that time was also under control of France.

When did the full scale civil war breaks out in cambodia?

The full-scale civil war of Cambodia broke out in 1970 on October.