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Douglas Haig was a British soldier, a British Field Marshal, and a British Commander of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in World War 1.

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Q: What did Douglas haig do in World War I?
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Who was a famous general during World War 1?

Douglas Haig.

Who was the British commander on the Western Front for most of the First World War?

Sir Douglas Haig

Who was Field Marshal Douglas Haig?

Haig was the senior officer in charge of the British Expeditionary Force (the British Army in the Western Front in World War I).He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and was the son of John Haig the head of Haig & Haig whisky.

Who was in charge of the British force on the Somme?

General Douglas Haig was in charge of the British force on the Somme in World War I.

Why do they call Douglas haig a hero?

General Haig is a hero of World War one because after the war ended, Haig opened up a trust fund for all the people in the war that were killed, injured badly or left homeless. This trust fund grew and is now what we call the Poppy trust.

What is Douglas Haig's birthday?

Douglas Haig was born on June 19, 1861.

When was Douglas Haig born?

Douglas Haig was born on June 19, 1861.

Who was the leader of the British army during World War 1?

At the start it was Sir John French & for most of the war it was Douglas Haig.

What did Douglas Haig do in the Boer War?

nothing he was a miserable thing never to be married to again !!

How old was Douglas Haig at death?

Douglas Haig died on January 29, 1928 at the age of 66.

What was Sir Douglas Haig's family background?

Douglas Haig's family owned the whiskey distillery that produced Haig's Whisky and that used to advertise with the slogan 'Don't be vague. Ask for Haig.'

When was Club Atlético Douglas Haig created?

Club Atlético Douglas Haig was created on 1918-11-11.