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Stanton organized the Seneca falls convention because women had less rights than men. Stanton felt the whole thing was unfair and decided to get people to go to Seneca falls, New York, in 1848.

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Q: What did Elizabeth Cady Stanton do in the civil war?
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What did elizabeth cady Stanton have to do with the civil war?

Stanton was a firm supporter of woman AND rights for African- Americans. She worked alongside Frederick Douglass for both causes.She helped slaves escape.

What did Cady Stanton do to help end slavery?

She was a activist for women's rights. She worked for the right for women to vote and get divorce. During the civil war her work was to speak against slavery.

Was Edwin Stanton the secratary of war?

yes, during the civil war?

Is Edwin Stanton the secrataryy of war?

yes, during the civil war

What is the significance of Elizabeth cady stanton?

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born on November 12, 1815

What role did elizabeth blackwell play in the civil war?

She organized the nurses corp in the civil war.

Did Elizabeth Blackwell live through the whole civil war?

Elizabeth Blackwell was forty years old when the Civil War started. She was 45 when it ended.

What did Elizabeth Lew do during civil war?

Elizabeth van Lew was a southern spy for the North.

On which side of the civil war was Elizabeth Van Lew on?

Elizabeth Van Lew was on the Union side.

Who was the Secretary of War removed by Johnson in the 1800's?

The Secretary of War was Edwin McMasters Stanton.Stanton has been described as difficult to work with, and there might have been some personality conflicts; Johnson wanted to replace him with General Grant (who declined the position). Lincoln had appointed Stanton and while the Civil War was going on, Stanton had developed a lot of influence and power.

Lincoln's Secretary of War?

Edwin M. Stanton was appointed as Secretary of War under the Abraham Lincoln administration. He was in the position during the entirety of the Civil War.

Who was the US Secretary of War during the Civil War?

Simon Cameron until 14 January 1862 and then Edwin McMasters Stanton.