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"Barbarian" is a general derogatory term for any person or group that is perceived to be uncivilized. It doesn't refer to any specific group of people from history.

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They ate a mix of meat, eggs, and fruits

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Q: What did Germanic Barbarians eat?
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Roman name for germanic outsiders?


What is the roman name for Germanic outsiders?

The answer is Barbarians.

Did crabs eat dead human body?

yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them! yes, crabs are barbarians!! eat them!

What did barbarians do in the middle ages?

Groups of barbarians were responsible for a long series of raids into Europe. Included in these were everyone from Atilla the Hun to Germanic tribes and the Vikings.

Why did the barbarians move south?

The barbarians moved south because they had no where to go when the Germanic Invasions occured and could not handle it because they were scared? don't know if that's right sorry people.

Who are the Teutonic Barbarians?

Teutonic barbarians were known as Vikings. They were known for invading new territory, burning and pillaging as they went.

Why didn't the Romans want Germanic people in their empire?

They thought they were disgusting people who didn't bathe everyday. They were thought to the Romans as Barbarians

What fled the city of Rome as the empire grew weaker?

The citizens fled the city of Rome. They started to flee because Germanic Invaders started to invade. These people were called barbarians because of the way they acted and looked.

Who were barbarians in middle age?

The barbarians were the Germanic tribes and the Vikings. Some combined to create the Visigoths. The word "barbarian" is Greek for "the stranger." They invaded the Roman Empire making it fail and created the world we call the "middle or dark ages."

Who is the most famous barbaric general?

Depends on what u mean by barbaric general in terms of Greece or jusst in general or Rome's germanic barbarians

What is the reason Tacitus's observation concerning the Germanic peoples were remarkable for his time?

He viewed the Germanic peoples in his book Germania not as barbarians but admirable in their views on family values which incorporated monogamy and chastity ; virtues he felt worthy of emulation .

Were vikings and barbarian alike?

A barbarian is a person who isnt civilized, according to romans and greeks, all except romans, greek and maybe egyptians were barbarians. The vikings were germanic warriors from far away who wanted to plunder, they were barbarians in the eyes of europe