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the use of atomic weapons increased quickly ============================A1 Devraj==========================

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The use of atomic weapons increased quickly.

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Q: What did NOT occur as a result of technological advancements made during World War 2?
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What did not occur as a result of technological advancments made during world war ii?

New uses for medicine were discovered.

What did not occur as a result of technological advances during World War 2?

the use of atomic weapons increased quickly ============================A1 Devraj==========================

Why does the US have the largest world economy yet doesn't have the largest population?

There are several factors leading up to this: - Technological advancements: High technological advancements (relative to other countries) can create a huge boost to the economy: e.g. Japan and South Korea - profit from selling weapons during wartime. During WW2, US sold a ton of weapons to the Allies and thus, was able to create huge boost to its economy (before the Great Depression.) -Free market approach (although this is debatable)

Which of these technological developments did not affect the world economies during World War I?

atomic bombs

Did technological advancements in agriculture greatly improve the ability of farmers to provide food for the world?

Yes, most definitely! Technological advancements have allowed farmers to grow more in a smaller area, and harvest more in a shorter amount of time. This allows them to way more on a 1500 acre field than they were capable of doing 50 or even 100 years ago!

What was NOT a technological innovation introduced during World War 2?


How did europeans conquer the world so easy?

Technological advancements, critical thinking, and above all else Europeans and people of European descent have forever been far superior to everyone else around the world.

When did the magnetic and optical recording media industry begin?

The magnetic and optical recording media industry is a modern phenomenon, its emergence stemming from technological advancements that began following World War II

What were some major technological advances during the World War 2?

Jeromy Petscae

Why did more soldiers survive wounds in the second world war then before?

Technological advancements were huge in that 24 year gap. And now that vehicular transport was in the equation, soldiers were evacuated much quicker after suffering a wound.

How did the world War 2 change the face of modern warfare?

during World War 2 there was alot of technological development (alot of it nazi's) and the things that where developed where put into practice.

What did not occur as a result of technological advancemennts made during world war 2?

True peace did not occur due to the technological advances and the development of the atomic bomb. The Cold War started before World War 2 ever ended. It also did not create tanks good enough to go against the Panzer tanks. It did not assuage Hitler nor did it stop the Japanese until Hirohito physically saw the damage of the two cities. It did not save enough lives medically. More technological advances were made in medicine, science, war manufacturing so that the war was better in Viet Nam. They had learned to develop the Jet better and smarter missiles to get direct hits. They were able to save more lives in Viet Nam (especially with the advance of the helicopter designed to pick up injured troopers).