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In order to defend American interests in the cold war, Reagan streamlined the armed forces and pulled missiles out of Europe. He demanded that the Soviets immediately remove missiles and when they didn't he put American range missiles in Europe and at the USSR.

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Reagan Streamlined the armed forces and pulled missiles out of Europe

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Q: What did Reagan do to defend American interests in the cold war?
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To defend American interests in the cold war Reagan did what?

increased spending on a military buildup

When did Russian and American people become friends?

Right after the cold war. Economic interests spoke louder.

Which president was involved with Latin American politics ending the Cold War and the return of the US into space during the 1980s?

Ronald Reagan

What brought the end of the cold war?


How did the cold war affect the following foreign policy domestic politics and civil liberties To what degree were Ronald Reagan's policies responsible for American victory in the Cold War?

There was no American victory in the Cold War. No one won it. The fact that both Communist nations and Communist ones exist today is proof.

What was Ronald Reagan's role in the Cold War?

Winning it

Who led the end of cold war?

Most historians would say that the cold war ended thanks to the cooperation of then-Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev with American President Ronald Reagan. Other people were also involved, but these two men were the main reason the animosity and mistrust between the Soviet Union and the United States ended.

How can media texts be constructed to support an agenda or interpretation?

Easy example from the joke archives of the Cold war: Reagan and Gorbachev ran a race. Reagan came first, Gorbachev came second. American media reported that Reagan beat Gorbachev, showing true American competitive spirit. Soviet media reported: President Gorbachev secured a wonderful silver medal. Reagan came next-to-last. Both true. The sad on the funny, you see it too often.

How did Ronald Reagan helped the cold war?

hes stupid

How did Ronald Reagan end the Cold War?

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What characterized the Reagan Revolution?

the cold war set the reagan revelusion up to the date who the japenese droped the atomic bomb

What was the difference between traditional views of the Cold War and Reagan's view of it?

Reagan wanted to eliminate communism, not merely contain it.