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Women taking the jobs men usually did at the time, so the men could go to battle.

The role of women in the American war effort

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He means "the role of women in the american war effort"
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How did Rosie the Riveter represent?

posters showing Rosie at war work

What is the duration of Rosie the Riveter film?

The duration of Rosie the Riveter - film - is 1.25 hours.

Is Rosie the riveter a political advertisement?

Rosie the Riveter was patriotic wartime propaganda. It was not a political advertisement.

What was the purpose of rosie the riveter posters?

The purpose of Rosie the Riveter is to tell women that we can be strong and we can help out in World War 2

How is rosie the riveter used today?


A character who symbolized women in manufacturing jobs in World War 2?

The female icon who represented woman who worked in factories during world war 2 in order to fill the vacancies left by the men enrolled in the service was Rosie the Riveter. She did not only represented feminism but also women's economic power.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter - 1980?

The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter - 1980 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:PG

What was the nickname given to the strong competent woman dressed in overalls and bandans a symbol of patriiotic womanhood?

her name was Rosie the Riveter

Who was Rosie the Riveter and what did she represent for women?

She was a cultural icon in the United States representing the women that worked in factories during World War II.

Where can you find a timeline of rosie the riveter?


who was rosie riveter?

A symbol of working women

When was Rosie the Riveter - film - created?

Rosie the Riveter was never married. She was a fictional character used to get women to take over jobs that the men left behind as they went to fight in the war.