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Q: What did a World War 1 soldiers kit weigh?
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What articles did soldiers carry with them in their kits?

Soldiers carried a blanket, food, gas mask, canteens, a mess kit, a shaving kit, ammunition, weapon cleaning kit, shovel, bandages, sometimes an ampule of morphine, and personal articles in their kit. Depending on where they were sent, they might have many other items; examples are gloves, earplugs, sunglasses, binoculars, maps. Sometimes soldiers were assigned to carry items that were not for their own use, such as one mortar shell per man, or a gasoline can per man.

What was GI in World War 2?

GI was a term used for American servicemen and stemmed from the kit issued to them being stamped with the initials G and I for Government issue.

What was the soldiers kit in World War 1?

The soldiers kit in world war one consisted of:-Mark Lee Enfield rifle.Large canvas pack for carrying wooly cap, spare socks and greatcoat.Digging tool - handle and head seperately.Haversack for carrying rations, paybook, toothbrush, soap and towel, spare bootlace, mess tin (to eat from) and cover, fork and spoon, mending and darning kit.Full water bottle and carrier.Bayonet (a blade that could be attached to the end of the rifle.)150 rounds of ammunition, in belt and pouches.Identity tag.Two canvas bags (respirator and gasmask)Service cap, and regimentry cap badge.packet of cigarette'shope it helped (:Don't forget the gas masks!

What did soldiers used to keep weapons dry in World War 2?

As in World War 2 and all wars in the past 250 years: Normally it is not possible to keep weapons dry, while in the field in combat operations. Weapons often got wet & dirty. It was always essential that the soldiers cleaned & lubricated their weapons on a regular basis. The weapons should be cleaned after firing them, especially the bolt & barrel. Powder residue builds up in the gun barrel of all pistols, rifles, machine guns, tanks guns, mortars, artillery, etc. These barrels and the internal workings have to be kept clean & free of water or debris. Every soldier is issued a cleaning kit for their specific weapon. It requires extensive training for soldiers to do these things well. It is the responsibility of sergeants and officers to inspect these weapons for proper maintenance often during the course of combat operations.

Who was Simpson and what did he and his donkey do during world war 1?

he rode on his grey donkey for 3 weeks to come back with some medicine and a first aid kit to fix up the soilders and lieutenants to fix up there injuries

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What did a World War 2 soldiers kit bag weigh?

about 70 pounds

What was in a medical kit for australian soldiers in korean war?

Teaspoon of cement

What contained in a soldiers kit in ww1?

Soilders in world war one had knifes from butter to bread and they would usaully have a pack of ciggeretts too and stakes, rope, extra ammo, and shovel

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How much does first aid kit weigh?

a frist aid kit weigh about 1pound

What was in a first aid kit in world war 2?


What was the contents of a World War 1 first aid kit?

to have safe life in the trenches

Kit Manufacturing Co How much does a 1977 20' Kit Companion weigh?

4250 lbs

What is in todays infantry soldiers kit?

I assume you mean kit as in "mess kit" not "kit" as in field gear. Soap Razor Rations Mess tin Eating utensils Canteen etc.

How much does a kit kat weigh?

It weighs about 42 grams.

What has the author Kit C Carter written?

Kit C. Carter has written: 'The Army Air Forces in World War II' -- subject(s): American Aerial operations, Chronology, History, United States, United States. Army Air Forces, World War, 1939-1945

What is name for campers or soldiers cooking utensils?

Mess kits.