What did blitzkrieg depend on?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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First off the Ju-78 or Stukas Did their bombing of important positions of enemy like bunkers trains etc. Then The Panzers or tanks went ahead as killed all the infantry. While The mechanised infantry was watching the panzers back. But the attack didnt stop the panzers and planes went ahead while little bit of panzers and infantry stayed at the sides to protect the trucks that resupplied the troops.

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Q: What did blitzkrieg depend on?
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What did the blitzkrieg strategy depend on?

It depended on the rapid advance of tanks, closely followed by the infantry to mop up resistance.

On what did the German military strategy blitzkrieg depend?

The speed at which it was executed and how long it took the defending group to surrender. The Blitzkrieg could not support a long-term attack.

What advantage did the German blitzkrieg depend on?

Speed and combined arms : air , armor and infantry at the point of attack .

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What was Hitler's blitzkrieg or lightning war?

Blitzkrieg is the correct answer.

A new fighting approach was sudden fast and effective and was called?

the blitzkrieg

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