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Had to move down the West bank of the Mississippi, which made it awkward to attack Vicksburg.

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Q: What did grant do once he found out about McClernand plan?
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How did general grant plan to defeat the south?

Because he is awesome

Whose plan for reconstruction was the best for the southern whites?


What was Grant's plan to end civil war?

Grants plan was to give Lee's army 25,000 meals.

How did the union army find out about lee's battle plan?

General Lee had wrapped some cigars in the pages containing his plans of battle. They were lost, only to be found by General Grant's Army.

What was the plan to gain control of Mississippi river from the confederacy?

The key river-port was Vicksburg. If that one could be captured, the rest of the river would automatically fall into Union hands. Grant wanted to approach Vicksburg from the East, because the Western side of the town was a high cliff that would be impossible to capture. But Lincoln had been made an offer by a fellow-Northwestern politician, John McClernand, that he would be able to raise a private army, and bring it down the West bank of the river. Grant had to work with McClernand, and sure enough, when they reached Vicksburg, they were not able to storm the cliffs. Grant tried several ways round, and none of them worked. Then he made one of the most brilliant tactical decisions of the war. He would take his men downstream, in order to cross over to the East bank, and then attack the town from there. Meanwhile he would order a cavalry raid down through the whole state of Mississippi, to distract the attention of the garrison commander (Pemberton). It worked brilliantly, and the port fell to the Union on July 4th.

What plan did General Ulysses S. Grant have for ending the Civil war?


How did the battle of Vicksburh relate to the Anaconda Plan?

Once Grant gained control of Vicksburg, it cut the Confederacy in half. Everything west of the Mississippi River had no communication with the rest of the Confederacy. This relates to the Anaconda plan because the more that the Union can split the Confederacy, the weaker it will become and the more likely it will be to surrender.

What was Ulysses S Grant's and William Sherman's plan to total war?

to kill every southerners

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Was Grant's plan to end the civil war to wage total war and repeatedly attack Lee's army?

Yes- your question contains a fair summary of Grant's strategy, I think.

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