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They are based on comfort and touch

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Q: What did harlow's research demonstrate about infants attachments to their mothers?
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What was the youngest victims of Dr Mengele?

The youngest victims were infants and the unborn. He used them in criminal laboratory experiments. He escaped from Nazi Germany after WW-II and hid in South America until he died there in early 1979.

How did they kill infants during the Holocaust?

The babie were either slammed agaisnt the wall or floor, or thrown in the air and then shot.

Why were Jewish people globally recognized as victims of the Nazi Holocaust?

Because the Jewish people were the ones targeted, persecuted and murdered by the Nazis during the holocaust. Hitler declared his disdain for the jews, therefore his army, under his orders, slaughtered them by the millions. There were only a few of Hitler's soldiers that secretly despised what Hitler was doing and what he stood for, but the majority of Hitler's army took a perverted pleasure in the torture, mutilation, and murder of millions of innocent people just because they were Jewish. No other people (that I know of) were targeted by the Nazis like the Jewish people were. It made no difference to them if they killed infants and children, women or men.

How were mothers with infant children treated by the Nazis?

I would think that they would be treated the same as every other mother there- terribly. The Nazis didn't seem to care about whether or not you had children- if you were a Jew, so were your kids, and neither of you deserved to be treated well. The infants were probably taken away from their mothers soon after they arrived, and they may have been raised by a Nazi mother, or killed, or kept alive so they could eventually be an assistant to the Nazi soldiers, or an addition to the army. I really don't know exactly what happened, this is just a guess. They did terrible things to people, and I don't think a mother with a small child would be an exception. Carly, 13

How many people were on RMS Lusitania?

1, 959 people were on board. 761 survived and 1,198 lost their lives in the sinking. The 159 Americans on board, only 31 survived and 128 of them perished. 129 children were on board. 35 survived and 94 had perished. 31 infants were on board and only 4 survived. 27 had perished.

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What did Harry Harlow's research found that newborn infants need?

Contact Comfort

What is the purpose of infant massage?

the research ". suggests that touch is as important to infants and children as eating and sleeping. Touch therapy triggers many physiological changes that help infants and children grow and develop.

Research on the effectiveness of child safety seats has found them to reduce fatal injury for infants by and for toddlers in passenger cars?

71%, 54%

How does schaffer and Emerson's study support the learning theory?

Schaffer and Emerson's study of infants' attachment behaviors showed that babies form attachments with individuals who respond sensitively to their needs. This supports learning theory by highlighting the importance of social interactions and reinforcement in shaping attachment bonds. Infants learn to trust and seek comfort from caregivers who provide consistent and responsive care.

Conduct basic research on the progressive changes in infants' perceptual skills during the first year of life related to what type of phsychology?


What are the implications of insecure attachments?

Insecure attachments can lead to difficulties in forming secure relationships, lower self-esteem, higher levels of anxiety and depression, and challenges in regulating emotions. These individuals may struggle with trust issues and have difficulties in managing conflict or stress in relationships. Therapy and support systems can help in addressing and improving insecure attachment styles.

What is the theory of attachment by John Bowlby?

John Bowlby's attachment theory suggests that infants have an innate drive to form strong emotional bonds with their primary caregiver, providing a sense of security and safety. These early attachments influence future relationships and social development, shaping the individual's ability to form healthy relationships later in life. Bowlby emphasized the importance of caregiver responsiveness and sensitivity in fostering secure attachments.

What did Bowlby's maternal deprivation hypothesis predict?

Bowlby predicted that maternal deprivation would lead to delinquency and affectionless psychopathy. Maternally deprived infants cannot interact with people the same way others do.

Is 99a fever for infants?

99 F is not a fever for infants.

What nutrient do infants require extras of?

Infants benefit from extra iron.

What do infants constituents in cow's milk?

There are no constituents of infants in cows milk.

Can linoleic acid treat cystic fibrosis?

Some research suggests that infants with CF can benefit from formula with a high linoleic acid content because it optimizes nutrition, growth, and feeding efficiency.