What did hitller do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he turn polangd and Germany aganstis ixshh

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Q: What did hitller do?
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Why Anne Frank left Germany?

to eskape from hitller

Why was did world war start?

Grammar. That is why. and cause of adolf hitller

Why did Hitller attak Denmark?

because e wanted to rule Europe

What is the Holocasut?

The period of Jewish oppression and extermination in Europe that dates from Hitller becoming the Chancellor of Germany to VE-Day.

Was hitller remarkable?

Adolf Hitler* And the answer to this question is based off of your own, personal opinions. In my opinion he was an evil tyrant who killed 100,000's because of his own prejudice, but your opinion could be different.

Was Hitler responsible for World War 2 If yes then how if no then who was?

Neville chamberlain was a popular prime minister in Britain he is best known for his appeasement foreign policy , and in particular for his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938.chamberlian did not want the war to happen because when he thought of the teribble years of the first war and thinks of all the seven million young men who were killed.Hittler demanded the sunderland in czechoslovia.In September 1938, Chamberlain met Adolf Hitler at his home in Berchtesgaden. Hitler threatened to invade Czechoslovakia unless Britain supported Germany's plans to takeover the Sudetenland. After discussing the issue with the Edouard Daladier and Eduard Benes , Chamberlain informed Hitler that his plans were they dicided to sighn a treaty of Versailles.The appeasement was necessary as Britain needed time to re- am and be ready for any attack. After they had signed the munich agreement,hittler had to stop demanding more territory.Hitler violated the treaty Versailles by attacking the rest of Europe, he also invaded the Rhineland, which was to remain a demilitarized zone So basicly chamberlain didn't want the war to happen, so he singned a treaty with hitller .But hitller violated the agreement by attacking the rest of Europe .Hitller was the casues of world war 2 it would of not gone on if Hittler did not violate the treaty.So world war 2 was hitlers fault.

What is the story of adolf hitller's married life?

Hitler chose to marry Eva Braun, his long time mistress, 2 days before they decided to commit suicide. He married her basically as a reward for her faithful devotion to him for over ten years. He had always turned her down when the subject of marriage came up. As the Red Army got closer to the bunker he decided they would wed after all. A nearby authorized person was summed to come perform the wedding. They gave proof they were "pure Aryan" and the minister did the ceremony. They signed the wedding certificates and that was it. There was an hour long party in their honor.

What was the two front strategy used by Germany in World War 2?

Hitler began his conquests with a nation by nation campaign. After Germany split Poland with the Soviet Union, Britain and France declared war, and Hitler turned to crush France, and then started attacking Britain by air. When the British held on without surrendering, Hitler turned on Russia, and made a massive surprise attack into Russia. This opened a "second front" for Hitller, dividing his resources. Later on in the war, the United States and Britain attacked first in North Africa, then Italy, and finally on the beaches of France, to dilute Hitler's forces even further. Many historians count Hitler's excursion into Russia as his first and most fatal military blunder.

What happened to graduates of the Hitler youth order castles?

Hitlers Biological children where made to go into hiding before his death and flea from Germany into the US where they took shelter at Nathan Morris Orphanage for Jewish Children. The orphanages tried to protect the children's from Hitler's enemys who sought revenge. The orphanage moved many times trying to protect the Innocent Calderon of god from the DEVIL however someone succeeded and managed to burn down the orphanage all of hoteliers childbearing where killed except for a set of faternal twins. The twins managed to escape for there lives by averting one another that there was something wrong and Ed saved Edna by crayon her out from the smoke after passing out from lack of oxygen. The two children where split up to keep them safe from the world still angry about their father and the Holocaust. The twins where later reunited in adiloscent. There is not much else know except that Ed bore a daughter named Jaime. Ed changed his Last name from ROthschild (ADolf Hitller's true surename) to Morris since its tradiotional for royal familys to take on the last name when they go into hidding.

When did hitller become a spy?

Hitler's rise and acquisition of power in 1933 is an amazing feat. This section looks at the route to Hitler gaining power. The Nazi Party started out as a small party in Bavaria called the German worker's party. They were opposed to the Treaty of Versailles and Communism. The party was borne out of the dismay at the defeat in the First World War and a horror at the severity of the terms imposed upon Germany by the Allies. It was this party that Hitler joined, initially as a spy! Hitler soon became one of the leading lights of the party, his inspiring rhetoric and enthusiasm for the cause propelling him to the leadership of the small party very quickly. The party, soon renamed to the National and Socialist German Workers Party, adopted a 25 point program of points that formed the basis of their political manifesto. It was on the strength of their belief in these points that the Nazi's as they were now known, chose to take force in a coup d' Etta in Munich. The coup was unsuccessful, despite an initial success in reaching it's objectives of seizing power. Hitler was thrown into prison and the party was, it seemed, destroyed. In prison Hitler wrote Mien Kemp's, which later became a best seller. Upon his release from prison the party was radically restructured, yet it's support remained localised and insignificant in terms of national politics. Throughout the 'Golden Years' of the Wiemar Republic Hitler had little to offer the majority of Germans. the treaty of Versailles was gradually being amended and the economy was picking up. Extreme views, such as those held by the Nazi party, were not popular within this period. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 provided the spark that allowed the Nazi's to gain support. All of a sudden the support of the Americana's and the aid pans were withdrawn, Germany was again isolated and the economy was in crisis. The rise in Unemployment and a renewed fear of a Communist uprising gave Hitler's messages a new importance. people were again interested in the views of this extremist party. In a land where the government was struggling to control the economy, the people and the communists any alternative that appears to be willing, and able, to combat the problems, through whatever means, is seen in a very positive light. This resurgence in Nazi fortunes is clearly visible from election results. From having little or no say in the national picture in the 'Golden years' the Nazi's rose rapidly to become the dominant force in the elections of 1932: although they won no overall majority in these elections. By 1933, Hitler was viewed by many as the only man who could halt the rapid slide towards an economic and political shambles. Other senior politicians within Germany, despite their worries about Hitler's methods and political leanings, turned to him and his party, partly through desperation. The end of the Wiemar republic was nigh, the Nazi's, in the space of 5 years had turned from obscurity to Amsterdam of the German Republic. There are a number of reasons why the Nazi's rose to prominence in such a short period of time: Hitler's speeches were inspiring, he was a great public speaker who could enthuse the masses and ignite a sense of belief. his policies made sense and were aimed at the areas of politics that the German masses were resentful of IE. the treaty of Versailles and reparations. his party were highly organised, flexible in their views (in the eyes of the electorate) and made promises that would benefit all sectors of the population. Further to this was the Nazi's open, and forceful opposition to communism and the impressive use of force and discipline to engineer success for themselves. these characteristics were highly valued in a Germany where law and order were being constantly threatened. Add to this the weaknesses of the Wiemar government itself. Proportional representation had led to a series of weak and ineffectual governments, it allowed the Nazi's to become serious players without having a mass of public support. The government was perceived as being at fault for signing the treaty of Versailles and had lost support on several occasions for mismanaging the economic crisis. Hitler offered a feasible solution to each of these faults and so gained support and ultimately power. and i worked hard on this for some class work for school... :)

Who invented judaism religion?

Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions and was founded over 3500 years ago in the Middle East. Jews believe that God appointed the Jews to be his chosen people in order to set an example of holiness and ethical behaviour to the world.