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He raided Harper's Ferry for weaponry from the arsenal with plans of starting a major slave uprising.

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Q: What did john brown raid Harpers ferry for?
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Who led the raid at Harpers ferry?

John Brown

Who led the raid of Harpers ferry?

John Brown

What happened to Brown after the raid?

After the Harpers ferry raid John Brown was arrested and hung.

What is the story of Harpers Ferry?

John Brown was the leader of the raid and he wanted to create a colony for runaway slaves and to do this he needed weapons. Which led to the Harpers Ferry Raid.

Who lead the harpers ferry raid in 1859?

John Brown

Who financed john brown's raid on harpers ferry?

His raid was financed by a group of abolitionists.

Who led a raid on the us armory at harpers ferry?

John Brown

In which state present day state did john Brown's raid take place?

John Browns Raid took place in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

The abolitionist john brown led a raid on harpers ferry in the state of?


Why is john browns harpers ferry raid considered a turning point on the road of war?

A. Why was John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry a turning point?

What cause Harpers ferry?

John Brown caused The Raid on Harper's Ferry because he was agenst slavery

Was the raid on harpers ferry proslavery or antislavery?

The raid on the arsenal in Harpers Ferry, VA was anti-slavery. It was led by John Brown, the radical abolitionist October 16, 1859.