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Lincoln hoped for slavery to end. Actually, he didn't want to be involved in it and hoped for it not to be in the new territories. He believed all men are created equal. The Gettysburg Address stated this and freed the slaves.

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The restoration of the Union.

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an equal country and no slavery

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Q: What did lincoln hope for and fight for in the civil war?
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What did Lincoln fight and hope for in Civil War?

The restoration of the Union.

What 12 letter word did President Lincoln hope and fight for during the Civil War?

Emancipation (for slaves) is what President Lincoln hoped and fought for during the Civil War.

What was Abraham Lincoln's fight for?

civil war

Who did Lincoln fight for in the civil war?

The Union.

Did Abraham Lincoln ever fight in the war?

No not really but he was a commander for the Civil War

What wars was Lincoln in?

Lincoln was the president during the United States Civil War, but he did not fight.

What was Lincoln's justification for the Civil War?

The nation as a whole was better off than in separate parts.

Did Lincoln fight in the US Civil War?

He was the President and Commander-In-Chief. He led the USA, he did not fight the war like a common soldier, or general.

What did Lincoln hope to do about voting after a civil war?

Limit voting to a small portion of African Americans - APEX

How many men did Lincoln originally need to fight in the civil war?

He called for 75,000 volunteers.

What did Lincoln hope do about voting after the civil war?

Lincoln hoped to limit voting to a small portion of African Americans.

Did Abraham Lincoln fight in the Mexican War?

No. Lincoln did not fight in the Mexican War.