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Nathanael Greene served under General George Washington in the revolutionary war. He was the commander of the right wing in the Battle of Trenton in December 1776

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Q: What did nathanael greene do in the Revolutionary War?
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What was nathanael greene famous for?

Nathanael Greene was famous for fighting in the revolutionary war.

Why did Nathanael Greene dislike Great Britain?

The answer to your question is simple: Nathanael Greene was a general of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

What was Nathanael Greene's occupation before the Revolutionary War?

He was a general during the war. :)

Who was Catherine Green?

Catharine Greene was the wife of American Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene, a mother of five.

Which town in Tennessee was named in honor of Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene?


Who were the two greatest generals in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War?

George Washington and Nathanael Greene

When was Nathanael Greene a founding father?

He was a founding father of the united states when he served in the Continental Army in the American revolutionary war.

Where did the name Greensboro come from?

Greensboro was founded in 1771 and is in Guilford County. The name Greensboro came from Nathanael Greene, a Revolutionary War general.

What were the names of nathanael greene?

Nathanael Greene

What were the names of nathanael greene's children?

Nathanael Greene

Who served all 8 years of the American Revolutionary War?

George Washington, Nathanael Greene, Henry Knox, John Sullivan, and Anthony Wayne.

Why did nathanael greene get involved inthe war?

to help the colonies