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bring more control over politics to the citizens

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Q: What did progressive leaders want primaries to do?
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What did the progressive leaders want primaries to do?

Bring more control over politics to the citizens

What did the leaders of the progressive movement do?

What was important to the success of the Progressive leaders

What state was it during the progressive era came up with direct primaries?

New York

The closed-party process for nominating candidates was replaced with during the the Progressive movement?


Who were the main progressive leaders and what did they do?


Who were the progressive leaders?

theo resevolt was their leader

Was Henry Ford a progressive leaders?


Why do you think some states choose closed primaries as opposed to open primaries?

This is purely up to the party leaders to decide. An example in the latest primaries is Florida, which was not allowed by the Democratic Party to take place in the primary as punishment for moving up their primary voting date.

What describes leaders development?

Deliberate, continuous, progressive

Of what class were the leaders of the Progressive movement?

High & middle class

Who were some of the progressive era leaders?

Some of the leaders during the Progressive Era were people like Teddy Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, and Woodrow Willson. The Progressive Era was a time when there was much progress with social issues and an attempt to end corruption in government.

What is the present progressive tense of want?

The present progressive tense of "want" is "wanting."