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well to "relocate" is to move some where else, and during the Holocaust they had starvation camps and such so most likely they would be sent to a different camp

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Q: What did relocation mean during the Holocaust?
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What is a sentence with the word relocation?

Jewish people had to go through relocation during the Holocaust.

What were the guards like during the Holocaust?

mean mean

How many people were killed during the Russian Holocaust?

There was no Russian Holocaust, presumably you mean the Holodomor.

How cold was it during the holocaust?

depends on which day you mean and where in the world.

Which loader that can modify the relocation address of the program during the process of loading a program?

relocation loader

What was the economy like during and before the Holocaust?

It sounds to me as if you mean World War 2.

What does auschwits mean?

auschwits was the worst death/concentration camp used during the holocaust

Were there lizards during the time of the Holocaust?

It depends if you are talking about location. Do you mean in Germany where the Holocaust took place or just everywhere in the world? If you're asking if lizards existed in Germany during the Holocaust then that would be yes and so would the other question.

Where there Mexican's in the Holocaust?

The Mexicans were in Mexico during the Holocaust.

How did you spread love during the Holocaust?

by saying there is hope!!!!! that is how you spread love during the holocaust

Where did the term Pogrom originate during the holocaust?

The term Pogrom did not originate during the Holocaust.

Who were placed in relocation camps during the war?

Japanese Americans