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They didn't - you must be thing about the Jewish minority, which they helped escape to neutral Sweden just across the Øresund strait.


They didn't save the population of Denmark, they saved the almost all the DANISH JEWISH population. The DR recruited families to help by taking care of Jewish people for a while until they could be moved to a different household. From there they were put onto fishing boats, under the floorboards and when the Nazi guards brought their dogs to search the boats the fishermen would have covered the deck with fish or fishing nets and would 'drop' special handkerchiefs invented by the Swedes that was covered in an substance made from Rabbit blood and cocaine that numbed the dog's sense of smell. Since the dogs couldn't smell anything they moved on to the next boat. Some boats weren't big enough for people to hide under the decking so these boats snuck out in the middle of the night to try to get to Sweden under cover of darkness. Under water there were mines that if you weren't careful or your boat was too heavy could make the boat blow up. Of the estimated 8,000 jews, only 481 didn't make it. Probably because they were old, sick or didn't hear that the Jews were being rounded up. The Danish resistance also sabotaged the Nazi operations with misinformation and other things. They saved a few Jews by staging an accident and the Jews having escaped, lived to tell the tale. Does this answer your question?


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They made life harder for Nazis.
1} Blew up factories delivering to the Germans.

2} Sabotaged railways (and to a much lesser extent air planes and ships).

3} Spread uncensored information to the general public to boost morale.

4} Helped allied air force personnel shot down over Denmark esape via Sweden.

5} Mainly in the final year they killed approx. 400 informers (suspected of) working for the Germans. This was NOT done as a punishment, but to prevent the Germans from catching members of the resistance.

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Q: What did the Danish resistance do?
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