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The two acts provided ways for the settlers to get western lands. They also forced the Native Americans onto reservations and discriminated against African American families. They also enabled the railroad companies to develop the land that was close to the tracks.

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They both provided ways for settlers to acquire western lands

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they both allowed the native americans to own their own lands and farm.

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Q: What did the Morrall Land-Grant Act and the Homestead Act have in common?
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What did the Morrall Land Grant Act and the Homestead Act have in common?

They both provided ways for settlers to acquire western lands

What act gave free public land out west encourage settlement?

the homestead act

Who came up with the homestead act?

Why was the enlarge homestead act passed

How did the Homestead Act impact the economic development of the West?

The Homestead Act promoted western settlement because of the unusual opportunity it presented to common farmers. Under this act, common farmers as opposed to the wealthy had an opportunity to be land owners. This was enough to provoke settlements by farmers looking to make a profit.

In 1862 congress passed a law allowing any us citizen to claim 160 acres in the west what was this act called?

The homestead act!

Can you use the homestead act on your current home?

don't know what you mean by homestead act. In Florida you can use homestead exemption.

Why did many black migrate to the great plains area?

The Homestead Act offered them free land.

When did president Lincoln pass the homestead act?

Lincoln passed the homestead act in 1862.

What was on reason freed slaves migrated to western territories?

free land under the homestead act

How did the homestead act help encourage economic growth?

how did the homestead act encourage economic growth

How many acres did the homestead act offer?

The Homestead Act of 1862 offered homesteaders 160 acres of land to claim and develop.

Which 1862 act gave large tracts of land to people that were willing to move?

Homestead Act of 1862.