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to withdraw its troops from South Vietnam

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Q: What did the Paris peace accord do?
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Name of Vietnam peace agreement?

The Vietnam peace agreement is commonly known as the Paris Peace Accords.

When was the Vietnam War peace settlement signed?

The Paris Peace Accord was signed in 1973.

What happened at the Paris Peace talks that lead Ho Chi Minh toward Communism?

Ho Chi Minh became a communist in the 1920's. The Geneva talks separated the North from the South, ending the French war in 1954. The Paris Peace Accord in 1973 ended US involvement in the war.

What agreement ended the Vietnam war?

For the US the war ended with the signing of the "Paris Peace Accord" in 1973. For South Vietnam, the war ended in 1975, when it fell to North Vietnam.

Major obstacles to peace at The Paris peace conference?

There have been numerous peace conferences in Paris. Which one are you referring to?

The Camp David Accord was an attempt to build peace in What regions of the world?

It was supposedly a mid-eastern peace accord between the state of Israel and the country of Egypt.

Where did the dayton accord bring peace to?

it is the new jersey

What day did the United States withdraw from the Vietnam war?

The United States began withdrawal from Vietnam after the Paris Peace Accord in 1973.

One opposing view at the Paris peace conference was a peace with?


What did the 1954 peace accord stipulate?

A North & South Vietnam.

Who did Israel make peace with at the camp David accord?


What part did Brazil take in the Paris Peace Conference?

Brazil took part in writing the details of the Paris Treaty. They were one of 25 nations to gather for the Paris Peace Conference.