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that the US would practice containment against communism

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the US would practice against Communism.

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it was announced by President Harry Truman in 1947, a U.S. policy of giving economic and military aid to free nations threatened by internal or external opponents.

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The Truman Doctrine stated that the United States would aid any country being physically attacked by Communist aggressors but would not oust a previously existing Communist state.

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Why President Harry Truman developed the Truman Doctine in 1947?

War with the Soviet Union was a possibility at some time in the future and it was essential to keep the Soviets from having ready access to the Mediterranean Sea. To provide military and econimic aid to Turkey and Greece and to resist the spread of communism the Truman Doctrine was created.

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What other countries does Truman say needs US attention?

what other countries does truman say needs u.s attention

How did the Truman doctine prevent some countries from becoming communist?

The Truman Doctrine--a policy of supporting anti-communist regimes with military and economic aid. The Doctrine was first used in support of democratic governments in Greece and Turkey. In 1947 the Soviets stepped up their support of Communist guerrillas in Greece and Communist political parties in Italy and France. Truman asked Congress to appropriate $400 million in military assistance to the pro-Western governments of Greece and Turkey.

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