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The US tried to prevent South Vietnam from becoming a communist country by fighting the war. After Vietnam became united as one COMMUNIST VIETNAM country, the US delayed relationships with that nation until the end of the cold war. With the ending of the cold war, trade relationships exist between the US and Vietnam; not a big trade relationship, but an exchange of goods, none the less.

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Went on with the cold war, until the Soviets collapsed in 1990. Then established diplomatic relations with Communist Vietnam in 1994.

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The Truman doctrine

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Q: What did the US do about Vietnam becoming Communist?
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First US involvement in Vietnam?

The United states wanted to prevent all of Asia from becoming communist

What were trumans goals in Vietnam?

I do not know what goals Vietnam had in Vietnam But the U.S. wanted to keep Vietnam from becoming a communist country.

Why was the US was in the Vietnam war?

To stop communist North Vietnam from taking over the non-communist country of South Vietnam.

What cause the war of Vietnam?

Communist North Vietnam was trying to take over the non-communist country of South Vietnam. The US fought North Vietnam to stop them.

Why did the us oppose Vietnam independence?

Because Vietnam's government was communist

Is Vietnam a US alley?

It is a communist nation.

What happened in Vietnam after the US withdrew?

After the US withdrew from Vietnam the Vietcong came into power. South Vietnam fell under communist rule by the Vietcong.

Why did the US troops join Vietnam?

To fight communism. To stop a communist nation (North Vietnam) from taking over a non-communist country (SOUTH Vietnam).

Why did the United States engage in the Vietnam war?

The US supported South Vietnam because its covernment was anti-communist.

The causes of US entry in Vietnam?

Communist aggression.

Who were the US trying to help in Vietnam and why?

Defending South Vietnam against Communist aggression from North Vietnam.

Why did the US become invole in the Vietnam?

To prevent the communist take over of South Vietnam.