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They drunk cyanide, a poison which was suppose to kill you in an instant but the samples were old and ineffective, only making those who took it vomit. They drank the cyanide in an attempt to kill themselves so they weren't caught.

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They drank poisen after trying to kill the arch duke.

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Q: What did the black hand gang drink to try and kill themselves?
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When was The Black Hand Gang created?

The Black Hand Gang was created in 1930.

Who was youngest in the black hand gang?

Gavrilo Princip was the youngest of the Black Hand Gang and he was also the one that killed Franz Ferdinand.

How many are there in the black hand gang?


Who was the grenader in the black hand gang?


What nationality were the black hand gang?


What was the aim for the black hand gang?

the aim of the black hand gang, was to try and get al serbs to live together, not to kill the air 'franz ferdinand'.

Who betrayed the black hand gang?

Enrico Caruso betrayed the Black Hand Gang. He was being black-mailed and went to the police. Two men were arrested because of Enrico Caruso.

Who from the black hand gang was jailed?

Neiman Bruno

What was the name archdukes killer?

The Black Hand Gang

Who was it who escaped in the black hand gang?

Mehmed Mehmedbasic

Who were The Black Hand Gang World War 1?

The Black Hand Gang were a group of Bosnian-Serb assassins. Gavrilo Princip, the man who shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his pregnant wife Sophie, was a member of the Black Hand Gang. In the BHG was a range of people, including suicide bombers, grenade throwers, gunmen etc.their fixer was danillo illic.

What country was the black hand gang from?

The black hand gang were a well know terrorist gang from serbia. One of the most well known terrorist acts was when they assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which triggered world war 1. The gang had many men, young and old, all serbians, who wanted justice for their country. They would all kill themselves for their charity so they would be known and considered a martrys for their cause.