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The Iron Brigade holds the title for the most causalities out of the active brigades during the Civil War. This particularly infantry, made up of individuals from Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan areas, was said to have men with "iron dispositions" alongside excellent discipline and aptitude. They set the fighting standard for the war during many well-documented campaigns like Antietam and Gettysburg.

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Q: What did the iron brigade have to do with the civil war?
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Was the Shiloh battle the biggest battle in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin never had any Civil War battles. However the Iron Brigade was made of mostly men from Wisconsin and their biggest battle was Gettysburg. The Battle of Shiloh was in Hardin County, Tennessee.

What battles did Wisconsin infantry fight in the Civil War?

Wisconsin soldiers fought in almost every major battle of the Civil War including Gainesville, Virginia, Antietam, Maryland, and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The most famous was the Iron Brigade which had many Wisconsin soldiers."The name "Iron Brigade" came from a remark made by Gen. George McClellan when he saw the brigade advancing under a murderous fire. He was told, "It is Gibbon's Wisconsin brigade." "They must be made of iron," McClellan replied, and the name stuck."

What did soapsuds brigade do during the civil war?

you spelt war wrong dope. and by the way they did nothing.

What were the divisions from the state of Michigan that fought in the Civil War?

There were no divisions from Michigan, they were regiments. A division is made from several brigades and a brigade is made from 4-5 regiments. A brigade had many differant states in it. Example is 24th Mich, 2nd Wisconsin, 6th Wisc., 7th Wisc., 19th Indiana made up the 1st brigade(Iron brigade) of the first division of the first corps.

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What were technological advances of the Civil War?

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Who was the first confederate polish soldier killed in the civil war?

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