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Slavery should be abolished

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Q: What did the raid on harpers ferry convince southerners of?
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The raid on harpers ferry convinced many southerners that?

...that slavery should not be abolish

What is Harpers Ferry?

harpers ferry was a raid that many people died in.

What impression did southerners have of northerners after brown raid on harpers ferry?

Abolitionist fanatics, ready to arm the slaves for a nationwide rebellion.

Was the raid of Harpers ferry antislavery or proslavery?

The Raid on Harper's Ferry was antislavery.

What did most northerners think of john brown's raid on harpers ferry how did the attitudes of northerners and southerners differ?

He was a thot- Tyson Mayfield of Kansas XDXDXD

In which state present day state did john Brown's raid take place?

John Browns Raid took place in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

What is the story of Harpers Ferry?

John Brown was the leader of the raid and he wanted to create a colony for runaway slaves and to do this he needed weapons. Which led to the Harpers Ferry Raid.

What did the raid on Harpers Ferry convince the Southerners to do?

The southern states thought the Harper's Ferry Raid was typical abolitionist behavior - trying to stir-up violent revolution. The southerners saw the event as a threat to stability and peace, and an indicator that the slavery issue would never be resolved, except through combat. The Harper's Ferry Raid offered secessionists an argument which was used to hasten secession - that the raid served as an example of abuse towards the south and warned of the danger of black insurrection. The South also reorganized the militia system, making the South better prepared for war.

Who led the raid at Harpers ferry?

John Brown

Who led the raid of Harpers ferry?

John Brown

Was the raid on harpers ferry proslavery or antislavery?

The raid on the arsenal in Harpers Ferry, VA was anti-slavery. It was led by John Brown, the radical abolitionist October 16, 1859.

What aspect of john brown's raid on harpers ferry terrified and enraged southerners?

John Brown's raid angered and frightened southerners because he was giving weapons to slaves and telling them, and encouraging them to riot.