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The soldier in world war one had to fight for their country some fought in trenches to defend them self's from bullets, while others fought in the air OR in boats but most died fighting for their country.

And they kept us free, the average age was 17

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Attack-to make an attack, launch an assault.

Defence-to protect someone/something from danger.

Regimental Medical Officer(doctor)-keeping the army healthy and fighting fit.

Soldier-the army goes where their needed and does missions around the world. Also clearing up dead corpes and fighting.

Stretcher-Bearer- someone who carries a stretcher with someone injured on it.

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On the home front, they spent the majority of their time in the trenches. Every morning, they would 'stand to' at dawn, they would get up and stand against the enemy, guns at the ready. Both sides of the trenches/war did this. Sometimes they would just shoot randomly in the hopes of shooting someone. At dusk the activity began again.

Sometimes patrols were sent out into "No Man's Land" the area between the trenches. This was very dangerous because the minute you were there you would be shot by other rifles and machine guns.

You would have to crawl through and go under a lot of barbed wire which was dangerous because you could cut yourself on it plus getting shot if you were stuck.

Some other chores included refilling sandbags, the repair of duckboards or draining the trenches. As there was a lot of rainfall pumping equipment this was essential for draining the trenches. As a punishment, some soldiers were made to empty the privy pits which was the bucket in the ground where soldiers went to the toilet. The soldiers being punished had to take the buckets out of the ground and pour them over the side of the trench.

Aside from fighting or shooting, in the trenches, they killed rats (sounds strange, but there was a huge rat infestation, and the soldiers were constantly trying to kill rats whatever way they could) cared for their wounded or sick friends who has diseases such as "trench fever", "trench nephritis" and "trench foot". Cleaned their rifles, smoked marijuana and cigarettes (which also caused death) wrote and read letters, slept whenever they could.

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Q: What did the soldiers have to do in World War I?
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